Our Vision

Cogenergy will establish itself as a leading provider in the energy from waste industry. Cogenergy will rapidly become the supplier of choice, in North America's municipal, industrial and specialty waste disposal markets. Cogenergy wishes to establish a positive rapport and to be a welcome and contributing community member. Cogenergy intends to aggressively expand its number of plants, manage growth and maintain unsurpassed quality service and above-average profitability.

Our Mission

Cogenergy will offer "Green" energy in the form of electricity, provided in sufficient quantity to allow for large scale commercial sale. Electricity is the primary product of Cogenergy's revolutionary waste disposal process and Cogenergy's patented technology will contribute to worldwide environmental improvement by providing a means of clean waste disposal, marketable on a global basis. Cogenergy will employ its technology while providing substantially reduced net emissions, acceptable even under the most stringent standards and will make "green" renewable energy plants available to municipal, industrial and specialty waste disposal markets.